I was working on many small and large projects during the past couple of years, and most of these projects were related to my hobby; RC flying. The results or remnants of these projects are scattered over the internet. So I decided to collect these information, my current projects and present them in an “organized” way. This is how EOSBANDI.COM conceived.

You will find tips and tricks, source code, schematics and many more. Most of these are RC related, some others are for photographers and videographers. Since it is my hobby, I’m cannot guarantee that these thing will work for you as well as for me. Use them at your own risk.

Please take a look, and if you find something interesting feel free to use it. However if you planning to use something commercially I mandate you to contact me to discuss the details and licensing. Free stuff does not mean that you can make revenue from it for free.

And one more thing. English is not my mother language, and I never had any formal English education, so there will be grammar errors. If it a total mess, please ask me and/or correct me, but do not be a grammar nazi.

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