DIY ImmersionDUO5800V3 receiver

The receipt is quite short:

Approximately half an hour soldering and gluing. Then voila; we have an ImmersionDUO5800V3 for half of the retail price.

 WP_20130919_004 WP_20130919_005

Thursday, September 19th, 2013 Common

5 Comments to DIY ImmersionDUO5800V3 receiver

  • Felixrising says:

    This doesn’t have any diversity logic though.. any plans to implement some auto rssi switching?

  • Dave says:

    Have a look at Bruces diversity board here:

  • migo says:

    Hello eos,

    i’ ve testet your super nav Version 7 from multiwii. really super. Can i give ask you some things or better tell you some ideas i have integratet into classic multiwii and not realized in nav Version?

    I’ve we can talk about this thinks you can me answer to

    best regards and Gratulation to your very good work.


  • Rudy says:

    Any update on the multiwii pro fail-safe RTH option coming out soon.
    Downloaded the newest version MultiWii 2.3navi B7 (2014/02/16)from your page and I have been flying it for about two weeks now with no problems. Also the new GUI works great.


  • Jeff32 says:


    Can I use WINGUI with a MAC computer?